Picking The Right Custom Closet Designers: Checklist of Questions to Ask Your Potential Closet Designer

Have you been juggling the idea of adding customChecklist of Questions to Ask Your Potential Closet Designer closets and storage organizers to your home? If the answer is yes, then you are probably looking for the right custom closet designer in your area. Finding a company that is going to be honest with you about the quality, price, and estimated time of their work is extremely important yet hard to come by. That is why we have put together a list of helpful tips when looking for the right custom closet designer for your home. Don’t waste your time or money- if you follow these steps you are sure to have the luxury custom look you have always wanted in your home.

First, know that when working with a custom closet designer you should be able to have your closet and or organizers made from quality materials of your choice. You should also look for a company that is known for manufacturing their own products. That being said, the design, build, and installation process can take up to a few weeks depending on the size and material of your custom built closet.

Must Ask Questions: You should be prepared with a few important questions to ask the potential closet company you are thinking of hiring.

  • Is the company locally owned or a franchise? Many times a locally owned company will give you a better deal.
  • First, ask what material options you are able to work with and then follow up by asking about what kind of warranty comes with the closet, cabinets, and or organizers.
  • Ask what kind of hardware is used?  Metal is better than plastic.
  • What kind of particleboard is used? Industrial grade will be more durable.
  • Does installation of my custom closet include removal of the old one and will you fix any possible damages to the surrounding walls done during installation?
  • What is the standard depth of shelving used with your company? Can I ask for a custom depth if I would like something different?
  • What fixtures and accessories does the company offer when you design a custom or ready made closet? This includes shoe racks, tie racks, jewelry components, room for a safe, etc. Any extras you would like, ask if the company can work with them.
  • What type of system will they be using- a wall hung or floor based system?

These are a few helpful questions to make sure you end up with the best custom closet builder in your area. Premier Closets of Fort Lauderdale, FL would be glad to answer any of your questions. We offer custom made closets, closet organization systems, and more. We design, manufacture, and install all of our products with the promise that you will be working with an reputable and honest closet company! Contact us today to speak with a consultant about turning your home into a luxury space.

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