Laundry & Utility Room Storage

Laundry shouldn’t be a dirty, messy job. We at Premier Closets of South Florida understand how important it is to minimize your valuable time with this never-ending chore of “doing laundry.” A well-planned laundry room should be a pleasant place to work. No need to shut the door and hide you’re your things, this all can be achieved with a custom designed laundry storage solution from Premier Closets.

Some of the most used spaces in your home, like your laundry or utility room tend to have stuff just piled up. Premier Closets will design a storage system to meet your storage needs, from places for dirty shoes to shelves for your laundry products, all to help keep things out of sight and out of the way.

Even the most difficult of spaces can be easily designed to provide storage function as well as improve the overall appearance of the room. Our designers will take your storage design ideas to create a perfect custom laundry or utility room storage solution. Our custom laundry storage systems can be customized with doors to enclose shelving, deep baskets for laundry sorting, and other laundry room accessories such as a “hidden” ironing board.

If you are looking for organizational storage solutions for your laundry room to make those daily chores easier and more enjoyable, contact Premier Closets of South Florida.  We will help you turn your laundry room into a pleasant and fully functional workspace where doing laundry is a pleasure. Call Premier Closets today at 954-484-3225 or fill out our contact form for more information.