How to Incorporate A Traditional Style Design Into your Home

Custom Closets in Fort Lauderdale, FloridaDesigning custom closets and storage solutions in your South Florida home allows you to work with any style that you desire. You can bring a modern feel into your home with sleek materials like stainless steel, you can bring a dramatic and classic look with dark mahogany wood, or you can give your home the timeless traditional look that everyone loves. Achieving a traditional look with custom closets, media centers, and more can give your home the facelift it needs and the feel homeowners love.

The key elements in keeping your home within the traditional style are quite simple. If you like the way these designs sound, than a traditional style will likely suit your design needs.

  • No extreme stand out features.

  • Mix of straight and curved lines.

  • Colors often range from middle of the spectrum to dark tones.

  • Detail is given to moldings and trims to accent accessories.

  • Things are often done in pairs to create a symmetrical feel.

  • Use of corner cabinets.

  • Detail given to matching items.

  • Should give off a “smooth” look to the eye.

This style is great for the family that enjoys a classic traditional feel in their home, without any surprises. The color palettes that often accompany a traditional look are mild tones that match the custom built storage and also the rest of the accessories in the room and or entire home.  Many times replicas of old and famous pieces of furniture or work of art are used to decorate along with the traditional style.

Premier Closets of Fort Lauderdale, Florida understands what you want from your custom closet design. We supply closet organizers, media centers, and garage storage solutions that bring luxury to your home. To speak with a custom closet design specialist about the different ways you can bring style into your home, contact us today!

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