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How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Challenges of Working in a Home Office

A home office can be lovely addition to your home, however is does not always make being productive feasible. Motivation can be easily lost when you are surrounded by at home distractions, poor organization, and a cramped space. Working from home also allows you to slack when it comes to keeping your space tidy because no one will reprimand you Continue Reading...
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3 Custom Closet Accessories You Need

Creating your first custom closet is exciting but can leave doubt on if you have chosen the right accessories. Closet accessories are just as important as the layout of your closet itself. You should have enough room to hang clothes and put shoes neatly away, but how do you want to go about doing that? Here are three custom closet Continue Reading...
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Home Improvement Solutions: Reasons Why Getting A Custom Closet Is A Good Idea

Every homeowner knows something about dealing with clutter in their home. Whether you have a jam packed garage so full of stuff that you can no longer store your car, or you have a full attic with no more space available to store your family treasures and mementos, a custom closet might be the best available home improvement solution. Don’t Continue Reading...
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How to Incorporate A Traditional Style Design Into your Home

Designing custom closets and storage solutions in your South Florida home allows you to work with any style that you desire. You can bring a modern feel into your home with sleek materials like stainless steel, you can bring a dramatic and classic look with dark mahogany wood, or you can give your home the timeless traditional look that everyone Continue Reading...
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How to Get an A-list Style Walk-in Closet

Have you been looking at your closet with an empty feeling? Maybe you feel like you have nothing to wear or that everything is disorganized. Luckily, there is an easy solution to these feelings. A custom walk-in closet styled after your most loved celebrities will cure your closet woes! Your closet may be stocked with top of the line designer Continue Reading...
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5 Designs Ideas for Custom Closets

Custom closets are a luxurious feature that can be added to any home whether it be a house, condo, or apartment. You should not be familiar with the feeling of dread when you open your closet door. Clutter can easily take over any space in the home, especially where we keep our outfits from head to toe. A closet contains Continue Reading...
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Keeping Your Home Decluttered with Custom Storage Solutions

Keeping your home cluttered with custom storage solutions is easy to do, especially when they are made from the highest quality materials. You should always be thinking about the longevity of your storage solutions so you won’t have to replace them a year down the road. Long lasting custom storage gives you the ability to always keep your home tidy Continue Reading...
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3 Ways to Organize Your Sports Gear

Are you a sports enthusiast who has a passion for more than just one sport? It is easy to find a passion among sports, they are social, great exercise, and we all love the feeling of a well deserved win! Playing sports also means that your home may be suffering from smelly and unorganized equipment. Have no fear, there are Continue Reading...
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Home Improvement Solutions: Avoiding Exposed Wires with Custom Designed Solutions

Any time you remodel your media center, home office, or any location in your home that will contain the newest electronics you must always remember to plan for hiding wires. This often escapes our mind when thinking about our new plasma TV and lighting arrangement. Planning for wires can be quite frustrating when done after your electronic system set up Continue Reading...
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