3 Custom Closet Accessories You Need

Creating your first custom closet is exciting but can leave doubt on if you have chosen the right accessories. Closet accessories are just as important as the layout of your closet itself. You should have enough room to hang clothes and put shoes neatly away, but how do you want to go about doing that? Here are three custom closet accessories that you need in your walk-in or reach-in custom closet:

  1. Pants Rack: It may seem like an afterthought but having a space dedicated to specific lengthed items is crucial for utilizing space wisely. If you have enough space you can even make your pants rack a system that pulls out much like a drawer would. However, this will keep your items that are a short length when folded in half over a hanger kept organized and not mixed up with other clothing items. This is also a good space to hang your scarves!

  2. Belt Rack: This accessory can help you stay organized by always knowing where your favorite belts are and also keeps them hanging nicely. You can color code them as well! I great location for your belt rack is in the pants rack area. Again, you can make this accessory a slide out system so you can save as much space as possible while still staying organized.

  3. Shoe Rack: A shoe rack keeps everything off of the floor and out of the way. You can have your shoes organized by season, style, or color. You can also get really creative and make your shoe rack hidden! You can easily make slide out racks that look like drawers but really contain the best selection of loafers, heels, and more!

A custom closet is not fully completed without the best storage accessories and touch of your personal style. At Premier Closets, we strive to make every custom closet in South Florida look breathtaking and serve as highly functional for your needs. We offer custom closet solutions for walk in closets and reach in closets so you can enjoy luxury no matter what sized room you have. Contact us today to talk to a design specialist about your new custom closet in Florida.

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