Home Improvement Solutions: Avoiding Exposed Wires with Custom Designed Solutions

Any time you remodel your media center, home office, or any location in your home that will contain the newest electronics you must always remember to plan for hiding wires. This often escapes our mind when thinking about our new plasma TV and lighting arrangement. Planning for wires can be quite frustrating when done after your electronic system set up but simple when done prior to your purchase and installation of your new electronic systems.

Nothing ruins a beautiful custom entertainment center more than a mess of tangled wires for everyone to see. Hide those wires with a few helpful hints before you install anything else!

  • Think about how many electronics you will need plugged in. This will help give you an idea of what kind of extension or surge protector to purchase and where it may best fit discretely.

  • Think about the size and depth of a printer, computer, or TV and plan accordingly that way no cords stick out.

  • Is your custom media center or home office organizer conveniently located near the outlets or should you have them relocated for a more optimized space?

  • What kind of lighting will you be using in the space? Does it require hard wiring or are they cordless?

  • Can you easily access a USB port, DVD drive, etc with your custom setup?

These are simply a few good questions to ask yourself before making any big purchases or big changes in a room in your home.  You want to make sure that once you have the latest technology that you can also have the best in show for your living quarters.

Premier Closets in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is an experienced custom closet and media center manufacturer and installer. Learn how we can help you avoid having exposed wires with our custom storage solutions. Working closely with our custom design team, we can help you keep those wires hidden so you can enjoy movies or working from home without getting tangled in a mess of wires. For more information on how we can design a custom closet or storage solution for your South Florida home, please contact us! You can call us at 954-484-3225.

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