Finishes & Accents

Premier Closets is experienced in creating stylish and useful closets perfect for your kid’s room. You can give your child the beautiful room they deserve with our custom closet and finishing options. We accommodate your custom closet systems with adjustable shelves so your kid’s closet can grow with them.

We can create a safe space for young children where you can conveniently keep diapers and wipes nearby in storage. The same storage unit that once held diapers and other baby supplies can then be used to store toys and eventually to store books and tech gadgets. Another great option for storage in your kids room is a built in wall organizer. They are a great way to add storage that won’t take away space from their room size. Adding cabinets and doors to storage areas will also help give a much more pulled together look in your kids room because they can put their things in a private place.

When designing a children’s room and adding storage it is important that the storage can grow with them. Luckily, we understand that need and can provide closets that won’t need to be replaced at every growth spurt your child has. Give them the stylish look they want and the storage they need with Premier Closets. Contact us today to talk to a consultant about how to create a custom closet that will grow with your child.