Home Improvement Solutions: Floating Shelves Give Your Home That Flawless Look

Using custom cabinets, closets, and shelving means that you can create any look you want. It also means that you may be at a loss for what design direction to move towards. The list of options when you choose custom storage solutions is nearly limitless. One idea for creating a flawless and seamless look for your storage is by using floating shelves. This are a simple way to incorporate space saving storage where you want or need it most.

Custom Floating ShelvesFloating shelves allow you the ability to put storage anywhere in your home. You can use these shelving units in your living room, entertainment room, bathroom, office, etc and you can match the finish they come in from room to room as well. These are ideal for the family that doesn’t want to take up floor space with a wall unit but still wants to show off certain items or wants to be able to store specific things. Once you have found the right group of professionals to help with the design of the custom shelves, you should be sure to tell them what you plan on putting on the shelves. It is important that your floating shelves can fully support the weight that will be placed on them. Another great option that comes with floating shelves is the ability to remove the shelf if you so please thanks to the hidden wall brackets. This helps make cleaning your selves and walls easier in the future.

Adding a floating shelf is easy to do when you have a team of professionals, like Premier Closets, helping you. You will be able to pick what size, shape, and color you would like your shelves to be without that hassle of finding the right one for your home. Custom storage takes away the frustration in home remodeling. For more information on custom closets & other storage solutions in Fort Lauderdale Florida, contact us today. Premier Closets proudly serves Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach.

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