Home Improvement Solutions: Using Your Space Wisely With A Murphy Bed

When people have a spare room in their home it can easily use it as a home office, guest room, storage room, workout room, and the list goes on and on. However, have you ever found yourself wishing that spare room could be all of those things? It can be frustrating and seem nearly impossible to try to fit all of those things into one spare room, but we have a solution for you!

Home Improvement Solutions: Using Your Space Wisely With A Murphy Bed, Hidden Wall Beds Ft LauderdaleNow when we say Murphy bed, we want you to get the image of a scary pull out bed out of your mind.  Long gone are the days when a Murphy bed didn’t offer luxury and convenience to sophisticated man, woman, or family.  the  Modern day Murphy beds offer a luxurious and stylish look to any room because they can be disguised as artwork, closets, cabinets, or any other feature you would like the outside of it to resemble. This hidden feature allows you to use your spare room for all of the things you wish. You can incorporate a home office with the custom look you have always wanted and you can also make room for some fitness equipment if that is also what you are looking for without a bed constantly in the way causing clutter. Then, at the end of the day if you have guests over simply pull out the Murphy bed and you have a spare guest bedroom available as well. When your guests leave, simply fold away the Murphy bed to have the open space you want in your spare room. This is one wise way to utilize space in your home, especially because space is so often a valuable and rare commodity in home or luxury apartment.

Premier Closets in Fort Lauderdale Florida offers clients a higher set of standards when it comes to custom home features such as closets and or Murphy beds. For more information on how you can incorporate a Murphy bed into your home, contact us today.

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